Spray Paint Paper Tutorial

I love to design my own papers to use in projects (like the scrapbook for my son I’m working on now). One of the easiest and most fun ways to create fun papers is using spray paint. Thicker paper like card stock, magazine covers, or thicker book pages all make great bases. As a frugal crafter I love to use magazines as a material or as disposable pages for cutting, gluing, and painting. I always sign up for as many free magazines as I can find.

I recommend spray painting outside only as the fumes are quite strong and spray paint makes a HUGE mess. Also make sure the day you pick isn’t windy. If it’s a breezy day the papers will easily fly away (I learned this the hard way).


Step 1: Gather your supplies. Magazine covers and card stock for painting, magazine pages to carry painted pages, and spray paint.1CIMG91482CIMG9149

Step 2: Rip off a magazine page BEFORE you start painting, that way once your painted page is done you can pick it up and move it easily.3CIMG9177

Step 3: Choose a base color to cover your page (if not using solid card stock). Black is the easiest and most concealing, but you can pick any color. More than likely this color won’t be seen by the end.4CIMG9153

Step 4: Once your page is painted solid, choose several colors. 2-5 work best, but of course you can use as few or as many as you want.5CIMG9156

Step 5: Layer your colors in any pattern you want. I love abstract ones and tend to make whatever I’m in the mood for that day, or what I need for a project. Spray paint dries fairly fast but I still recommend waiting at least an hour or two to be sure they’re no longer tacky.6CIMG9160


Step 6: Keep adding color!7CIMG9164


Step 7: Do finishing touches. I like to “splatter” black, white, or metallic on at the end (To splatter, use minimal pressure to ensure paint splatters instead of sprays).8CIMG9170

Step 8: Once your done designing your paper (and can’t see any unpainted spots) pick up the supporting paper to carry it off to dry.9CIMG9175

Step 9: Make some more! These are easy to do in batches so I tend to make a dozen or so pages to have on hand.10CIMG9193

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